What is Audiotrack

Audiotrack is the dedicated radio audio distribution service created by Mediatel and powered by J-ET, the radio industry's trading system. Its seamless process reduces administration and drives efficiencies with unique features such as advanced warning of upcoming campaigns. Campaign details are automatically verified against the media booking, ensuring complete playout accuracy. All of this is supported by unrivalled client servicing from industry experts.

With years of experience running J-ET and providing efficiencies at the planning/buying stage, Mediatel created Audiotrack to make the radio distribution process simpler, quicker and more cost effective for all, ensuring correct playout from planning to when it airs. The unique ability to integrate with the J-ET system makes the process efficient and error free.

Mediatel are now partnered with Peach, the industry's first provider of online radio audio distribution services, to bring the benefit of the combined experience, technologies and relationships of both organisations to the industry.

Powered by J-ET

J-ET was the very first joint industry trading system in the UK, which launched in 1999. Developed by Mediatel, it allows radio stations, media buyers and creative agencies to get maximum efficiency from the trading process. It integrates seamlessly with over 20 different systems, including all major UK radio and agency planning, sales, finance and scheduling products.

For the last eighteen years Mediatel has run J-ET, which handles over 90% of all national radio advertising. It has brought genuine ROI to the radio industry year after year and continues to be supported around the clock by an excellent client service team.

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Created by Mediatel

Mediatel is the UK media industry's number one destination for media data, planning tools, market insight, news and conferences. It sits at the centre of media industry activity, with an enviable user base of all the major media agencies and media owners in the UK.

Mediatel was established in 1981 and was providing online services at the dawn of the internet. It is now the first stop for media executives at over 200 of the biggest media companies.

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